1. To develop and maintain the highest standards of construction and business methods in the sewer, watermain and road construction industry.
  2. To promote co-operative liaison and better relationship between its member and all owners and their officials.
  3. To further its accident prevention program to reduce the injuries and loss of life and reduce Workmen’s Compensation rates.
  4. To encourage any improved method to relieve its members of needless financial risks.
  5. To consider the form of contracts, specifications and bonds, and to make suitable representation to officials and corporations thereto.
  6. To promote better understanding and goodwill between the general public and the contractors of our industry.


  1. To encourage long range planning and uniform calling of work by owners.
  2. To standardize the contracts and specifications with all governmental bodies and Consulting Engineers.
  3. To improve contracts and specifications from the contractors’ point of view.
  4. To facilitate the release of holdbacks by owners to contractors.
  5. To establish uniform payment basis for extra work performed on contracts (particularly cost-plus work).
  6. To encourage the digging of test holes and the holdings of pretender site meetings by the owners and their consulting engineers.
  7. To work with the Ministry of Labour on all matters concerning safety in our industry.
  8. To carry out labour negotiations on behalf of its member.