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CLICK HERE for "LADIES NIGHT" Registration - Friday November 24th (registration due no later than November 17th) 
Did you know? We call our Christmas event 'Ladies Night' to honour the women
who give their gracious understanding and provide their support to the construction
workers during the long work season.  Given, as more and more women join the
field of underground infrastructure, we may have to rethink the name "Ladies Night"
but, for now, know that we know there are men who are just as supportive! 
For a few hours, we try to give them a fun and magical night to say,
with our utmost gratitude, "Thank You!"
Plan to join us on this wonderful night when we raise our glasses to the women (and men)!

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   Emco Corporation

The SHCA is located in the City of Sarnia in beautiful Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

Our members work in the underground infrastructure (roads, sewers and watermains) in the following Municipalites: